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The Townsville DAMA is the latest of several Designated Area Migration Agreements recently signed by the Federal Government.

The Townsville DAMA is looking to attract more skilled and semi-skilled migrants across North Queensland to help address significant skills shortages in the region. The Federal executive Government and Townsville Enterprise agreement will help secure the workforce needed to support the region’s substantial economic growth experienced in recent years.

North Queensland

Local businesses in North Queensland operating in any of the following 9 local government areas have access to the new DAMA:

  • City of Townsville
  • Hinchinbrook Shire
  • Charters Towers Regional Council
  • Burdekin Shire
  • City of Mount Isa
  • Shire of Cloncurry
  • Shire of McKinlay
  • Shire of Richmond
  • Shire of Flinders

Like other labour agreements, the Townsville DAMA is tailored to the region’s unique economic and labour market environment. The DAMA is only accessible to employers with genuine skills shortages that can demonstrate a commitment to Australian jobseekers.

The Townsville DAMA covers 195 occupations across various sectors, including manufacturing, health care and social assistance, transport, and professional, scientific and technical services. Access to these occupations provides local businesses with flexibility and responsiveness to address existing labour shortages.

The Townsville DAMA is another example of the Government’s commitment to supporting economic growth in regional Australia. It follows recent changes to the Far North Queensland and Northern Territory DAMAs and the establishment of the new Pilbara and East Kimberley DAMAs.

Anzscosearch and All DAMA Lists

You can easily find an occupation’s eligibility under any of the DAMA schemes by using the Anzscosearch searching tool:

helicopter pilot ek dama

You can also access all DAMA lists and check all eligible occupations at once in the Combined DAMA list.

combined dama ek

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