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Graduate visa 485 changesGraduate visa

Graduate Visa changes

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) is once more taking a sensible approach to the Australian migration program by providing new concessions to prospective visa…
June 28, 2022
Townsville DAMADAMA listRegional

Townsville DAMA

The Townsville DAMA is the latest of several Designated Area Migration Agreements recently signed by the Federal Government. The Townsville DAMA is looking to attract…
April 4, 2022
East Kimberley DAMADAMA listRegional

The EK (East Kimberley) DAMA

The Australian Federal Government has signed a new five-year designated area migration agreement (DAMA) with the Shire of Wyndham–East Kimberley  (Western Australia). The signing of the…
April 4, 2022
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