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Consultation & Initial Assessment

This service consists of an initial assessment of your current circumstances to understand your immigration objectives and the nature of the assistance you are seeking.

consultation migration agent

What is this?

The consultation & initial assessment allows us to gather the relevant facts of your case to be able to provide you with accurate immigration advice about your visa options.

We will analyse the most up to date Australian migration law and policy to provide you with advice on the legal complexities applicable to your case.

During the consultation we will explore and determine:

  • Possible visa options
  • Best migration strategy and migration roadmap.
  • General eligibility
  • Likelihood of approval
  • Possible pitfalls or shortcomings to be overcome
  • Visa cost
  • Visa processing times
  • Visa conditions

Following the 60 minutes meeting, you will receive a comprehensive written report containing all the above so you will know how to proceed and what to do before lodging your visa application.

During our initial consultation, we will provide you with insight about the legislation applicable to your matter, potential outcomes, risks and costs associated with your migration issue. Our consultations are all about listening to you, reviewing your unique circumstances and answering your questions so at the end of the process we can give you tailored immigration advice.

At Anzscosearch we are Registered Migration Agents with passion for the cases we undertake, so if you are genuinely interested in obtaining the services of a passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated team, we want to hear from you!

Consultation Types

Skilled and Training visas

In-depth analysis of your migration goals, qualifications, and work experience to establish your eligibility for skilled visas and a suitable migration roadmap.



Employer-Sponsored visas

For potential business sponsors and visa applicants wishing to determine and assess their eligibility under
employer-sponsored visa programs.



Family and Partner visas

Assessment of your individual circumstances to explore and establish a suitable migration pathway to Australia for you and your loved ones. Partner, Parent & Child visas.



AAT review, Refusal & Cancellation matter

Initial consultation to understand the nature of the assistance you are seeking and to you discuss your matter in detail with a Registered Migration Agent.


  • Consultation time is 60 minutes.
  • After the online consultation, you receive a Professional Consultation Report (10-15 pages) with the key points that have been discussed.
  • All prices ($ AUD) include GST and payment processing fees.
  • Should you have any questions, send us an email: [email protected], or use our contact form.

The Process

  1. Book your appointment
  2. Receive your confirmation email and assessment questionnaire.
  3. Have your online 60 minutes consultation by video conference (or face-to-face) with a Registered Migration Agent.
  4. After the consultation, receive your Consultation Report by email. This professional document of 10-15 pages includes all the relevant information discussed during your consultation. The Consultation Report is tailored to your particular circumstances.
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