Last Update by State

Information about the last date on which a Skilled Nominated Occupation List was last updated by its relevant Australian State or Territory.

Changes are listed as single changes regardless of their complexity. This means that a change listed could represent a single occupation status change or a change on the whole list of occupations.

State/Territory List Update date
SASouth AustraliaState Nominated Occupations List20 April 2018
NTNorthern TerritoryNorthern Territory Migration Occupation List11 April 2018
SASouth AustraliaSupplementary Skilled List27 March 2018
ACTAustralian Capital TerritoryACT Occupation List18 March 2018
QLDQueenslandQueensland Skilled Occupation List - Subclass 48927 February 2018
NSWNew South WalesNSW Priority Skilled Occupation List12 February 2018
VICVictoriaVisa Nomination Occupation List for Victoria05 February 2018
QLDQueenslandQueensland Skilled Occupation List - Subclass 19017 January 2018
TASTasmaniaTasmanian Skilled Occupation List25 October 2017
WAWestern AustraliaWestern Australian Skilled Migration Occupation List21 June 2017