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Subscribing to Anzscosearch means:

ANZSCO v1.3 & v2022

Access and navigate both ANZSCO catalogues, version 1.3, and the latest released v.2022.

Possible Visa Options

An Occupation-based overview of potential General Skilled Migration visa options and a single point of access to State/Territory occupation lists.


Search up to five ANZSCO codes simultaneously and obtain consolidated information on all possible visa options.

Visa Fees

Fees and charges for a visa application. Visa pricing and surcharge calculator.


Access all active Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) Lists and obtain Occupation-based information on DAMA eligibility and relevant concessions.

Designated Regional Area

Identify whether a specific Australian postcode is classed as a designated regional area for migration purposes.

Industry Labour Agreement (ILA)

Identify the occupations included on all different Industry Labour Agreements.


Quick access to the SkillSelect Backlog. Learn about the number of EOIs and invited candidates at a specific point in time.

Search by State/Territory

Find all the state and territory skilled occupation lists in one place.

Search by Task

A helpful feature; the availability to search by Task. A list of possible ANZSCO codes is displayed by simply typing in a keyword.

Quick Links

Instant access to source information and essential links to help you access your favourite websites with one ‘click’.

070499 Non-ANZSCO

Access non-ANZSCO occupation codes for DAMA lists.


Access the latest updates on skilled occupation lists. Anzscosearch’s data is drawn from official sources, and we review it periodically to ensure the latest information is provided.


Anzscosearch ‘professional’ subscription offers an ad-free environment. Navigate all occupations list without distractions.

Group Subscription

Manage subscriptions for up to 10 people. Get a 20% discount when registering 5 to 10 users.

Registered Migration Agents

Our content is reviewed by Australian Registered Migration Agents.

Constantly Evolving

Constantly working on releasing new features and keeping on top of the latest updates.

Top One

Providing updates on Skilled occupation lists since 2014.


Contact us if you believe you have identified an error or have a query about our data. You can also get in touch with us to give us feedback or suggest a feature.

Free vs Professional

Skilled Occupation List (Combined List)
Skills Priority List
All Visas information
Points Calculator
Catalogue ANZSCO v1.3
Search By ANZSCO – ANZSCO info
Occupation Ceilings History
Average Salary
Search By ANZSCO – Visa Options


Catalogue ANZSCO v2022
VAC Search (Visa Fees)
Nomination & Sponsorship Fees
Subsequent Visa Application Charge
Search By ANZSCO – State/Territory
Search By ANZSCO – Backlog
Search By State / Territory
Search By Task
Search By Assessing Authority
Search By ANZSCO Group
DAMA Lists
Industry Labour Agreement (ILA)
Non-ANZSCO codes 070499
Designated Regional Area (Postcode search)
Latest 100 updates
Latest updates by State/Territory
Reference to Legislative Instruments
Occupation Caveats
Quick Links

Is this for you?

  • Migration professionals looking to streamline their consultation process.
  • Migration professionals working in Skilled Migration, including General Skilled Migration and Employer-Sponsor visas.
  • People looking to learn more about the eligibility of their Nominated Occupation.
  • People interested in coming to or remaining in Australia as skilled migrants and who may be looking to initiate the process of applying independently.
  • People seeking to compare information and processes regarding different skilled occupations.
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