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Anzscosearch partners with VisAssist®  , an Australian visa and immigration consultancy based in Darwin (Northern Territory), Australia.


About VisAssist - the Principal

Principal and Director, Tina Masumi Edwards, is a Registered Migration Agent (MARN 0955139) and has over 20 years Australian immigration industry experience. Prior to establishing her own practice, Tina worked in the Immigration Section at the Australian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan, and at the time managed the General Skilled Migration program in that office. On return to Australia, Tina worked for the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) and Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT) in a number of capacities spanning a 10-­year period, including as Executive Officer.

Tina is in a unique position to assist intending migrants as she draws from her extensive Australian immigration knowledge and experience in primary decision-making, as well as her in-depth understanding of merits review.

Amongst other qualifications, Tina holds a Masters in Migration Law and Practice and a Post‐Graduate Certificate in Ethics & Legal Studies. She is also a member of the Migration Institute of Australia (MMIA number 5727).


Engaging a Registered Migration Agent can be a worthwhile investment because Australian migration law is complex and the law, policy and procedures changes frequently, sometimes at short notice.

While it is certainly possible to apply for an Australian visa without any assistance, it can be an expensive and complex process with the potential for many areas to go wrong.

Tina provides professional services as a Registered Migration Agent to help intending migrants navigate the complex maze of immigration rules and processes to give applicants the best chance of success in obtaining a visa for Australia.

A range of services on the full complement of Australian visas is offered, and, costs are fair and reasonable.


Whether you have a specific question that you would like researched and answered; need advice on the best pathway; or would like immigration advice and assistance to prepare and apply to migrate to Australia or apply for a temporary visa for Australia, the best place to start, is get in contact directly with Tina at VisAssist® via the Contact Form below.

Please note that professional fees are payable if you are seeking immigration advice and/or assistance in relation to your individual situation. Due to the time involved in assessing documentation and checking all aspects carefully, work of that nature is not undertaken for free. Such work is only performed if you are invited to forward further information and documentary evidence, and of course you wish to formally engage the services of VisAssist® in that regard. On completion of an eligibility assessment, detailed written advice identifying any potential issues is provided, which takes into account your individual situation and current requirements.

In most cases, an initial appraisal can be undertaken first, which is obligation and cost free. The purposes of an initial appraisal is to ascertain whether or not there is any benefit in proceeding with a more time intensive eligibility assessment. For example, a person would not be engaged as a client for the purposes of an eligibility assessment if their CV revealed that there is no possibility of making a successful application. If you are unsure, use the contact form below and VisAssist® will let you know, as it will depend on your circumstances.

Please do not send questions about availability of state/territory nomination in relation to particular occupations, anticipated changes to the MLTSSL or STSOL, or waiting times for nomination or to receive an invitation through SkillSelect, as they will not be answered. Questions about the best occupation to nominate will also not be answered. Advice of this nature is only given to persons who are engaged as clients.

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