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The Construction Visa Subsidy Program (CVSP) is a program offered by the State Government of Western Australia to support the construction industry by providing financial assistance to employers who are sponsoring skilled migrants. 

It is designed to help construction companies in Western Australia access skilled overseas workers in the building and construction sector, which can be crucial for addressing labour shortages, expanding workforce, and growing businesses.

Key benefits for companies:

  • Access to Skilled Workers: The program supports construction companies in sponsoring skilled overseas workers across a range of eligible occupations (see full list below).
  • Financial Support: CVSP provides subsidies and incentives to eligible employers, making it more cost-effective to hire and retain skilled workers from overseas. These subsidies can significantly reduce labour costs.
  • Flexible Visa Options: CVSP supports various visa subclasses, including 482, 494, and 186. This allows the company to choose the best fit for specific workforce needs.
  • Enhanced Growth Potential: Accessing skilled overseas workers through CVSP can open up new opportunities for companies to grow, take on larger projects, and improve competitiveness in the construction industry.


To be eligible for the CVSP, the company must be headquartered in Western Australia, engaged in building and construction work, and sponsor an employee in an eligible occupation, such as construction project manager, civil engineer, electrician, or carpenter.

Eligible occupations

133111 Construction project manager
133112 Project builder
232111 Architect
232112 Landscape architect
232212 Surveyor
232611 Urban and regional planner
233211 Civil engineer
233213 Quantity surveyor
233214 Structural engineer
312111 Architectural draftsperson
312112 Building associate
312113 Building inspector (including building certifiers/building surveyors)
312114 Construction estimator
312115 Plumbing inspector
312116 Surveying or spatial science technician
312199 Architectural, building and surveying technicians not elsewhere classified
312211 Civil engineering draftsperson
312212 Civil engineering technician
312311 Electrical Engineering Draftsperson
312312 Electrical Engineering Technician
312911 Maintenance planner
312999 Building and engineering technician
331111 Bricklayer
331112 Stonemason
331211 Carpenter and joiner
331212 Carpenter
331213 Joiner
332111 Floor finisher
332211 Painting trades worker
333111 Glazier
333211 Fibrous plasterer
333212 Solid plasterer
333311 Roof tiler
333411 Wall and floor tiler
334111 Plumber (general)
334115 Roof plumber
334112 Air conditioning and mechanical services plumber
334113 Drainer
334114 Gasfitter
341111 Electrician (general)
341112 Electrician (special class)
341113 Lift mechanic
342111 Air conditioning and refrigeration mechanic
342411 Cabler (data and telecommunications)
362213 Landscape gardener
394111 Cabinetmaker
399912 Interior decorator
399918 Fire protection equipment technician
511111 Contract administrator
712111 Crane, hoist or lift operator
721211 Earthmoving plant operator (general)
721212 Backhoe operator
721214 Excavator operator
721216 Loader operator
721915 Road roller operator
821211 Concreter
821712 Scaffolder
821713 Steel fixer
821912 Driller’s assistant

Note that different occupations might be eligible for different visa subclasses.

Grant payments

The company can receive payments of up to $10,000, at three milestone points for each skilled migrant they sponsor:

  • Milestone 1: $2,000
  • Milestone 2: $4,000
  • Milestone 3: $4,000
The important part: The company can enter the program even if it doesn’t have a skilled migrant they would like to sponsor. They can receive the first milestone payment and then look for the employee!

We understand that each construction company has unique needs and challenges, and we are committed to tailoring our services to best meet your requirements.

Complete the brief eligibility assessment below if you believe this program could benefit your company.

CVSP Eligibility Assessment

    Complete our Construction Visa Subsidy Program (CVSP) eligibility questionnaire to receive an assessment from a Registered Migration Agent; however, please note that we won't be able to proceed with this assessment if your information does not meet the program's strict eligibility criteria.

    First Name:

    Last Name:


    Phone Number:

    What is your Business/Organisation Name?

    Are you headquartered in WA?

    What is the postcode where you operate?

    Are you undertaking commercial and/or residential building and construction work in Western Australia?

    Are you one of the following?

    • A Labour-hire company

    • A Group Training Organisation

    • A State and Commonwealth government agency

    Have you already found a skilled migrant you would like to sponsor?

    If Yes, what is his/her occupation (see the table above for reference)?

    If No, would you like to sponsor someone in one of the eligible occupations?

    What occupation (see the table above for reference)?

    When did this business start trading?

    How many full-time Australian staff does the business currently employ?

    Do you have any questions or additional information you want to provide?

    We look forward to the possibility of collaborating to help your construction company thrive in Western Australia’s dynamic market.

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