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The Department of Home Affairs has issued a small quota of nomination places for Tasmania to use until the Federal Budget takes place on 6 October 2020.

Those in critical roles or able to provide the most compelling claims will be nominated first.

Every nomination must demonstrate that the applicant is critical to supporting Tasmania’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery. Applicants must provide a letter of support from their employer clearly explaining how their role is critical to providing medical services, the supply of essential goods and services, or delivering services in sectors critical to Tasmania’s economic recovery.

Critical Skills Occupations

There is not a specific list of skilled occupations based on ANZSCO. However, the following critical roles have been specified and will be considered for Tasmania state nomination.

  • Assisting directly in Tasmania’s COVID-19 response (directly engaged by the Tasmanian Government due to their specialist skills and experience).
  • Providing critical or specialist medical services or delivering medical supplies potentially associated with COVID-19 response. This includes all general nursing and medical positions with the Tasmanian Health Service.
  • Health and allied health occupations, including in private and not-for-profit sectors.
  • Senior support workers /enrolled nurses / registered nurses in aged, disability and community care (minimum Diploma qualified).
  • Directly involved in the supply of essential goods and services (medical technology, critical infrastructure, telecommunications, engineering and mining, supply chain logistics, agricultural technology, food production, and the maritime industry):
  • must be highly skilled and specialised roles
  • infrastructure engineering and maintenance such as dams, large-/high-complexity bridges, irrigation schemes, transport logistics planning and maintenance
  • agriculture such as artificial insemination technicians, wool classers, livestock pregnancy scanners
  • the supply of essential goods and services which would be in jeopardy without the applicant
  • Delivering services in sectors critical to economic recovery such as financial technology, large scale manufacturing, film and television production and emerging technology which:
  • must be high-value/highly-skilled/specialised roles
  • would normally include a significant and recognised contribution to export income, significant flow-on employment and economic benefits, high-value national/ international exposure

Note that:

The above positions do not include lower-level positions such as retail workers, harvest labour, delivery drivers, warehouse staff, etc.

The scope of these priority areas may change as the needs of Tasmania’s economy evolves.


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