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Why do we charge a Subscription Fee?

One of our core values at Anzscosearch is providing accurate and reliable information. We genuinely care about what we publish and the service we provide to you.

Anzscosearch started in 2014 with the sole intention to bring together all occupation lists in one place. While service charges are never desirable, this move was long overdue and necessary to meet the increased demand on resources, time and cost associated with maintaining the service. Keeping the site up-to-date was (for a little while) a stress-free hobby; however, it has turned into a very demanding full-time job over the years. Unfortunately, we can no longer fund this project personally but still have the commitment, belief, and stubbornness to keep going.

Maintaining Anzscosearch is a full-time job

As you know, Australia’s Skilled Migration program is constantly evolving. Some are minor changes, such as adding a couple of postcodes to the ‘designated regional area’ definition, while others have far more impact. We understand that for you, keeping up-to-date with changes in migration law is a professional responsibility, and so we take Anzscosearch so seriously. We are confident with the information and service we provide to you and feel that you will recognise the value of our work and support the site with your subscription.

Currently, Anzscosearch monitors and updates 48 skilled occupation lists:

1 Skills Priority List
14 NSW 491 – RDA
6 State/Territory Skilled Occupation List

Subscription Plans

  • Yearly payment plan for individuals
  • Monthly payment plans for individuals and Group
  • We offer 10% OFF on your monthly Subscription Group when you register 2 to 4 users
  • We offer 20% OFF on your monthly Subscription Group when you register more than 4 users
  • 3-day access plan

Since 2014, there have been 1,394 lists updates, and this averages one update every two days.

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