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GTI Assessment

Complete our Global Talent Independent eligibility questionnaire to get an assessment from one of our Registered Migration Agents.

The GTI program has strict eligibility requirements. If the information you have provided doesn’t seem to be eligible for this program, we won’t be able to proceed with this assessment. Please explore other visa options on our website or get in touch by booking a consultation.

    Please, select your area of expertise:

    The Global Talent Visa program is designed to help grow Australia’s innovation and tech economies and it focuses on ten priority sectors:

    Resources (critical minerals)Agri-food and AgTech (the application of technology to agriculture and food production)Energy (Clean energy and renewables)Health industries (Life sciences, Biomedical technology)Defence, advanced manufacturing and spaceCircular economy (Recycling and Clean Energy)DigiTech (Data sciences, Cyber security)Infrastructure and tourismFinancial services and FinTech (technology that seeks to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services)Education

    What best describes your current circumstances?

    My current salary is at least AUD $167,500I have a job offer with a salary of at least AUD $167,500Based on market evidence, I believe I can earn at least AUD $167,500I have completed a PhD in the last 3 years


    It is a requirement for the Distinguished Talent Visa to have a nominator who is an Australian organisation or individual with a national reputation in the same field of expertise as you. Do you already have a nominator that could nominate you?

    Personal Details:

    First Name

    Last Name


    Country of Birth

    Are you currently in Australia?

    Date of Birth:

    What visa do you currently hold?


    Detail your outstanding achievements including how they are internationally recognised:

    Describe how your achievements are related to innovation in one of the target sectors:

    Send us your CV / Resume

    Learn more about the program:

    GTI ProgramSkilled Independent Visa 189 vs GTIDistinguished Talent Visa 858
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