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The SkillSelect Backlog section on Anzscosearch indicates the number of EOIs (Expressions of Interest) for skilled visas in SkillSelect at a specific point in time. This information will give you an overview of your chances to obtain an invitation with your occupation under the Skilled Independent or State & Territory Nominated visa programs.

The type of visas covered include:

You can access the Skillselect data under the ‘Backlog’ tab when searching by your ANZSCO code:

chef backlog

How does it work?

Here is an example based on the above screenshot.

How many EOIs have a SUBMITTED status (are SUBMITTED) on 28 February 2023 for the occupation of ANZSCO 351311 Chef under the Skilled Independent visa (Subclass 189)?

EOIs with 65 points 1,170
EOIs with 70 points 723
EOIs with 75 points 388
EOIs with 80 points 202
EOIs with 85 points 125
EOIs with 90 points 27
EOIs with 95 points <20
EOIs with 100 points <20
TOTAL EOIs* 3,438

This means that there are 3,438 EOIs in the pool (potentially 3,438 candidates) who nominated the occupation of Chef and are ‘waiting’ for a visa invitation.

*Note that the number of applications with less than 65 points are not shown on the above table but are included in the TOTAL EOIs.

EOI Status

An Expression of Interest (EOI) application submitted through SkillSelect can transition into different status depending on the progress of the application:

SUBMITTED an EOI that meets all requirements for all selected visa subclasses and has all fields completed can be submitted. Once submitted, points are attributed to the EOI based on the information provided. Submitted EOIs are eligible for selection in an invitation round.
INVITED an invitation to apply for a visa has been issued.
LODGED a visa application has been lodged using an invitation to apply for a visa.

Source: The data is taken directly from the SkillSelect EOI Dashboard and we will endeavour to provide this information as long as it remains available on the SkillSelect website.

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