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The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) last updated the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) on 22 November 2022. This is the fifth revision since ANZSCO was established in 2006.

This update targets construction-related trade occupations and emerging occupations identified by the National Skills Commission in 2020. While these are priority areas for the Australian labour market, the ABS also chose these occupations to test a new approach to updating the catalogue. Currently, the ABS is working with different government agencies on a comprehensive review of ANZSCO. The review focuses on how skills can be better reflected in the classification and seeks to capture existing and emerging occupations considering, among others, emerging industry developments in technology and digitalisation and modern agriculture.

List of Changes. What’s New?

New Occupations Added

139917 Regulatory Affairs Manager
224114 Data Analyst
224115 Data Scientist
224714 Supply Chain Analyst
334117 Fire Protection Plumber
394113 Furniture Maker

Occupations Renamed / Reviewed

139914 Quality Assurance Manager 139916
224113 Statistician 224116
224711 Management Consultant 224713
334111 Plumber (General) 334116
394111 Cabinet Maker 394112
The above changes are in addition to the changes introduced by the ABS last year in their ANZSCO version 2021 release.

Changes vs Skilled Occupation Lists

What’s new and different between the ANZSCO 2022 release vs older versions? How does this new version of ANZSCO compare with the current list of occupations?

Many visa programs in Australia require applicants to have an eligible skilled occupation. Legislative instruments prescribe current lists of eligible skilled occupations for these programs and may include a:

The changes introduced by ANZSCO version 2021 and ANZSCO Version 2022 have yet to be incorporated into legislation. However, while current legislative instruments for points-test and employer-sponsored visas have not been updated, new occupations may be eligible under the labour agreement stream of sponsored programs, such as DAMAs or Industry-specific agreements.

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