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Anzscosearch Skilled Migration Guide

Not very familiar with the key terms and requirements of the Australia General Skilled Migration visa program?

A comprehensive and accurate Guide (80+ pages) based on your selected skilled occupation providing general information about the process and the steps to apply for General Skilled Migration visas (subclass 189, 190, 491).

All the essential information you need to assess your visa options independently.


What can you expect?


A complete and up-to-date Guide (80+ pages) containing exhaustive information about your selected occupation; bringing all the resources together to help you stay current with the latest migration updates.
Anzscosearch’s data comes from official sources and it is periodically reviewed to ensure that the latest information is provided.

Possible Visa Options

An overview of possible General Skilled Migration visa options based on your selected occupation, and including State and Territory Nomination opportunities.

Consolidated information; a single point of access to State/Territory migration occupation lists, with all links provided to source information.


The Guide provides the necessary tools and information to help you navigate the visa process independently and self-assess the possible options of your nominated occupation.

An outline of Australia’s General Skilled Migration visa program for subclass 189, 190 and 491 visas, designed to highlight the key steps of the visa process.

Points Test Explained

Ever wondered what exactly a ‘Professional Year in Australia’ means?
Our guide answers all your questions to demystify the world of Skilled Points.

Dynamic Content

The Guide is occupation specific and is dynamically generated based on current information stored in our database. This guarantees the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.

Key steps to apply independently

A step-by-step visa application procedure to help you understand and navigate the application visa process independently.

Links and references

Links to key websites and references to help you understand eligibility criteria, the Points test threshold requirement and possible visa pathways.


A comprehensive list of terms and definitions commonly used by the Department agency bodies in relation to General Skilled Migration visas.

Visa Costs

Specific information to help you understand the estimated cost involved in the visa process.

Registered Migration Agents

Content reviewed and developed by Australian Registered Migration Agents.

Top One

The only product of its kind in the market.

Is this for you?

  • People interested in learning how the Australian Skilled Migration visa process works.
  • People looking to learn more about what is involved before deciding whether to engage the services of a Registered Migration Agent.
  • People interested in coming to or remaining in Australia as a skilled migrant and who may be looking to initiate the process of applying independently.
  • People seeking to compare information and processes regarding different skilled occupations (Note that each Guide covers a single occupation only).

Based on official sources and developed by Registered Migration Agents, the Anzscosearch Skilled Migration Guide will help you determine whether you may qualify to migrate to Australia as a skilled migrant and guide you through the overall process.

Skilled Migration Guide
Disclaimer: The information in the Guide is intended to provide a general overview of the requirements for General Skilled Migration. The information in the Guide is not immigration advice in relation to your (the buyer) individual circumstances and must not be construed as such. This Guide is not a replacement for immigration advice and assistance from a Registered Migration Agent. If you are seeking immigration advice and/or assistance in relation to your individual circumstances, please contact us.
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