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The importance of the Assessing Authority

We are glad to announce our new search based on Assessing authorities that allow users to see all ANZSCO codes assessed by a particular/selected assessing body.

Remember, assessing authorities are responsible for undertaking skills assessments for migration purposes, and they cannot give advice on the likely success of your visa application.

The table below shows the top 3 assessing authorities that are responsible for evaluating the largest number of occupations.

Assessing Authority # ANZSCO codes
VETASSESS - Vocational Education and Training Assessment Services 342
TRA - Trades Recognition Australia 133
MBA - Medical Board of Australia 34
(*) results based on 1.016 occupations from the ANZSCO catalog.

We highlight the extremely importance that VETASSESS has in the Australia Skilled Migration Visa process covering around 34% of all the assessments (342 occupations out of 1.016 are assessed by VETASSES).

305 occupations (30%) are covered by an assessment body different than VETASSESS.


  • We have excluded the codes ending in 0 which are supplementary or operational codes described as ‘not further defined’ (nfd).
  • 369 occupations (36%) do not have any assessing authority assigned (mainly from skill level 4 and 5).

Search by Assessing Authority

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