Average Weekly Earnings

When searching for your anzsco code as usual, you can find now the Average Weekly Earning under the Unit Group information:

Average Weekly Earnings

The data has been extracted from the 2012 Survey of Employee Earnings and Hours conducted in May 2012. This survey is carried out every two years, therefore we expect to have the new results in the coming months.

The purpose of the survey is to produce estimates of the earnings, hours paid for, and selected characteristics of employees associated with the full range of occupations in Australia. It also produces estimates of the main pay setting methods. Estimates from the survey are used by a large number of users in both Commonwealth and State Government departments, employer associations and trade unions. The key uses of the survey data include:

  • Economic and labour market analysis by both government and private organizations.
  • Representations in the award and wage case submission process.

Please, check the following links from the Australian Bureau of Statistics if you are interested in more information:

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