About Us

As many people, my partner and I chose to migrate to Australia in 2012 through the Australian SkillSelect Visa process (GSM visas). Our migration experience was nothing but frustrating and stressful, not only due to the complex legal regulations involved in the process but also to the always changing requirements and new rules.

The truth is that it took us almost 3 years to relocate to Australia. On May 2015 we were finally landing in Queensland but thanks to an employer sponsorship opportunity and not with a GSM visa subclass 189 or 190 as we initially planned.

During this time I learned about the complexity of the visa process and understood that being up to date was essential for a successful application. This is why in 2013 I created Anzscosearch, to instantly connect intending migrants like myself to all States and Territory Occupations Lists. I always felt that there was a missing website containing this information.

Anzscosearch is daily updated and contains up-to-date information on General Skilled Migration visas as published on the different Governments’ official state and territory websites. Anzscosearch provides instant access to all changes on Occupations’ lists >> read the FAQs.

Please, feel free to contact us if you have any comments or suggestions. For professional immigration assistance follow this link.

Anzscosearch is an independent company and has no association with the Department or the Authority. Our aim is to provide accurate, transparent and reliable information in relation to Australia's skilled visa program. We are a registered business located in Brisbane, Australia.

Anzscosearch contains general information which is not immigration advice and should not be treated as such.