List Occupation Ceiling 2014-2015

anzscosearch is now providing the full list of Occupation Ceilings for the current programme year 2014-2015. The list is extracted from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website and it offers some other interesting information like the positive Variation with respect to the previous update and the % of Availability Left for each Unit Group. Users are also able to sort the list by any of the column headers: Unit Group, Description, Ceiling Value, Results to Date, Variation and Availability left (%).

sort-listAnalysing the last data reviewed on 14 January 2015, we have come to the following conclusions:

- Occupations for ICT, Accountants and Engineers have less than 60% of availability left:

quickest-filled-occupations- No visas have been issued for the following occupations:

less-demanded-occupations- Looking at the Ceiling Value, it looks like the most demanded occupations in Australia are Nurses, Electricians, Carpenters and Teachers:

largest-ceiling-value-occupationsRemember that the list is up to date and in-synch with the official one.

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