How often does an occupation list change 2014-2015?

The below information shows the number of updates occurred for each Australian State Nominated Occupation List during program year 2014-2015.

Definition: an update on a list is considered to be either a status change on a single occupation or a massive change affecting the whole list.

Program year 2014-2015

From 1st July 2014 to 30th June 2015

State #updates
SA South Australia 119
WA Western Australia 6
NSW New South Wales 6
ACT Australian Capital Territory 4
VIC Victoria 4
TAS Tasmania 3
QLD Queensland 2
NT Northern Territory 1

As per above information, 145 updates took place between the 1st of July 2014 and the 30th of June 2015.

South Australia – State Nominated Occupation List was the most updated with 119 updates, approximately 1 update every 3 days. On the contrary, the list of NT was updated and released only once.

Program year 2014-15 vs. 2013-14
State #updates 2014-15 #updates 2013-14
SA South Australia 119 96
WA Western Australia 6 13
NSW New South Wales 6 12
ACT Australian Capital Territory 4 5
VIC Victoria 4 6
TAS Tasmania 3 1
QLD Queensland 2 2
NT Northern Territory 1 6
  • The biggest changes usually happen at the start of a new program year, between July and August. We have also noticed important changes at the beginning of October.
  • Changes would generally occur without previous notice and/or without any reference or post-reference published on official websites.

In summary, an unexpected change on a particular occupation list may leave the applicant with no options for a successful state sponsorship application. It is very important to periodically check the list of interest as well as keeping up to date with general Australia migration changes.

Data from previous program year 2013-2014 - How often does an occupation list change 2013-2014?

If you require further details or clarification on above figures and statistics, please, contact us.

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Gunjan Sood

Hi Team,

My profession is Marketing Specialist and i got a score of 7 overall. I’m waiting since December. All the other processes are done. Just waiting for the state to open my profession. Is there anyone who can tell me why is it taking so long and how much longer will i have to wait more ?

Thanks and Regards,
Gunjan Sood

Shailet M

I have received the positive skills assessment and have received 6.5 in each of IELTS. My Occupation code is 223112(Recruitment Consultant). When I was about to submit for EOI, my agents informed me that the said occupation is not in demand in any states.

1. My question is how long I should wait for the occupation to come in demand.
2. What is the alternative
3. How often the occupation lists keeps changing.



How can we check if ‘architectural draftsperson-312111’ is/has been on high demand or not? And possibiloty of its removal from CSOL. Thanx

Sunil Swain

Hi Team,

My Occupation is Marketing Specialist (225113) currently it is opened only for SA with higher points of 80, however I have only 60 points including state sponsorship. My PTE score is 63 overall.
Listening 67
Reading 59
Speaking 66
Writing 67

Please can you confirm if I am eligible for any other state other than SA?

Awaiting reply.

Thanks & Regards,
Sunil Swain


hello sir,
My ANZSCO occupation is 242111 and i have also scored 6 each in IELTS. My skill assessment has been done from vetasses. Can you plz tell me, when states will open the occupation list next and can i become eligible for the state nomination with my current band requirement.Kindly tell and guide me.I will be highly thankful to you.