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As we all know, inconsistencies, ambiguities, typos and other mistakes are common on the Australia skilled migration program. The truth is that these errors happen more often than it should and they come from official sources and Australian government websites. From an applicant point of view, these errors only add surplus complexity making the visa process very difficult to follow and inconsistent.

The below table contains some of the inconsistencies encountered in official sources. The information provided on these websites may be wrong, contradictory or inaccurate.

This list is work-in-progress being continually reviewed and updated.

Date Tittle Impact More info
01/02/2017 Tasmania Skilled Occupation List Resolved see details
19/01/2017 Queensland QSOL list - many errors (part 2) Low see details
25/07/2016 Queensland QSOL list - many errors Resolved see details
15/06/2016 Flagged Occupations 2016-17 - Podiatrist Low see details
20/05/2016 Occupation Ceilings List - Motor Mechanics Resolved see details
14/04/2016 Northern Territory Migration Occupation List Low see details
05/04/2016 SA State Occupations Lists Resolved see details

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Agha Khalid Ameen

Hello, I just checked on this site yesterday and the occupation of ‘Occupational Heath and Safety Adviser’ (ANZSCO Code 251312) was appearing in SOL with 95% availability. However, in today’s SOL release, it is completely out of SOL. Can you kindly confirm this? Regards.

mahmoud tolba


You have a mistake in this profession WELFARE CENTRE MANAGER; it’s written this job requires at least 5 years of experience to be eligible. However, the assessing authority requires only one year of experience.


Mahmoud Tolba


The Occupation ceilings tab contain up to date Results to date, but there are no dates there. One can only guess the date of the publication.