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Skilled Migration Guide (FAQ)

What exactly is the Anzscosearch Skilled Migration Guide?

The Skilled Migration Guide contains over 80 pages of key information developed to provide guidance to people intending on applying for General Skilled Migration for Australia and who might be considering lodging an application independently.

The information in the Skilled Migration Guide is intended to provide a general overview of the requirements for General Skilled Migration programs (visa subclass 189, 190 and 491).

The Skilled Migration Guide also provides a summary of key migration requirements, possible visa options and eligibility regarding a specific ANZSCO code.

In general, the Skilled Migration Guide is the most complete, updated and comprehensive guide on ANZSCO occupation codes for General Skilled Migration purposes and the only product of its kind.

Please note that as the Australian States/Territories’ occupation lists and requirements of General Skilled Migration can and do change, the Guide generated today will not always remain current.

Am I getting immigration advice if I purchase this Guide?

It is important to note that the Anzscosearch Skilled Migration Guide is not immigration advice in relation to your individual circumstances and it is not a replacement or alternative to immigration advice and assistance from a Registered Migration Agent.

This Guide brings together information and data from many different official sources and is comprehensive and occupation-specific. A Registered Migration Agent would check official legislative instruments, migration law and policy and refer to official websites in order to provide immigration advice and assistance to an individual.

If you wish to contact a Registered Migration Agent please click below:


Where does the data come from? Is the information accurate?

This Guide is generated using official sources of information such the Australian Department of Home Affairs, legislation or the different Australian State or Territory official websites with all data and sources appropriately attributed.

The constant validation and verification processes used ensures that all data is as complete, accurate and reliable as possible at the time the Guide is generated and downloaded.

How often is the data reviewed and updated?

Federal and State/Territory occupation lists are daily reviewed and updated when relevant.

We also keep up to date with all relevant legislation, including the Migration Act 1958 and the Migration Regulations 1994, and update our internal data when changes occur.

Any major updates or legislative changes are also published on our social media profiles:

Will I find information on how to find a job in Australia?

No, you will not. The Anzscosearch Skilled Migration Guide does not provide any information on how to obtain a job in Australia or how to find a suitable sponsorship opportunities.

Is the Anzscosearch Skilled Migration Guide easy to read?

This Guide is heavily structured, offering detailed guidance and instructions regarding a specific ANZSCO occupation code. It has been carefully designed with an interactive Table of Contents and useful and detailed Glossaries of Terms relating to Australian General Skilled Migration.

Who is behind the Anscosearch Skilled Migration Guide?

This Guide has been developed jointly by the Anzscosearch team and Noemi Gonzalez (Registered Migration Agent MARN 1911128).

About Anzscosearch

How will I receive the Guide after I purchase it?

After you have successfully purchased this Guide, it will immediately be generated based on your selected occupation code. Once generated, it can be downloaded in PDF format. Please note that you will have unlimited access to all your downloads.

What methods of payment do you accept?

You can purchase this Guide 100% securely using your credit/debit card. All payment transactions are handled by Stripe .

Note that no credit card information is stored on our servers.

A comprehensive and accurate Guide (80+ pages) based on your selected skilled occupation providing general information about the process and the steps to apply for General Skilled Migration visas.

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